Phnom Penh Intended. Southeast Asia Accomplished.

Seven weeks, three countries, fifteen towns, ten flights, two overnight trains, forty-seven buses, twenty-three motos, six trolleys, fourteen boats, and eight hundred tuk-tuks later, our trip has come to an end.

We won’t bore you  ourselves with sentimental last thoughts, inside jokes, newly-acquired habits we hope to leave behind (Chloe’s accent when speaking to Asian people), or an in-depth East vs. West analysis.

At least not in a condensed paragraph. But let us throw some words at you. 

So, we bid adieu:

  • Goodbye exposed man stomachs
  • Goodbye tuk-tuks
  • Goodbye motorcycles
  • Goodbye sleepless nights in airports
  • Goodbye sleepless nights on trains
  • Goodbye cold showers
  • Goodbye curry
  • Goodbye noodles
  • Goodbye banana shakes
  • Goodbye manladies                        
  • Goodbye ladyboys
  • Goodbye condensed milk
  • Goodbye guesthouses
  • Goodbye hostels
  • Goodbye Asian accents
  • Goodbye holding onto passports for dear life
  • Goodbye bargaining
  • Goodbye late nights lost in Bangkok alleys
  • Goodbye British tourists
  • Goodbye minivans
  • Goodbye Mai-Mai et al
  • Goodbye 40 page proposals
  • Goodbye internet cafes
  • Goodbye different bed every night
  • Goodbye living out of a backpack
  • Goodbye M150 (bottled speed)
  • Goodbye jutting limestone cliffs
  • Goodbye white beaches
  • Goodbye kayaks
  • Goodbye canoes
  • Goodbye sweaty days
  • Goodbye sweaty nights
  • Goodbye Pam
  • Goodbye stray dogs
  • Goodbye markets
  • Goodbye streetfood
  • Goodbye fainting
  • Goodbye squat toilets
  • Goodbye Korean pop music videos
  • Goodbye 90s pop music at bars
  • Goodbye Irish boys we never understood
  • Goodbye mangosteens
  • Goodbye pagodas
  • Goodbye monks
  • Goodbye same same but different
  • Goodbye three standard outfits
  • Goodbye wool-lite packets
  • Goodbye caves
  • Goodbye women in pajamas
  • Goodbye locals eating on the street
  • Goodbye locals picking lice on the street
  • Goodbye floating villages
  • Goodbye harem pants
  • Goodbye Lonely Planet
  • Goodbye 12 hour time difference
  • Goodbye standard backpacking conversations
  • Goodbye creepy ex-pats
  • Goodbye beach massages
  • Goodbye walking around with maps
  • Goodbye foreign to familiar
  • Goodbye day-long friendships
  • Goodbye seeing one anothers’ faces everyday for two months
  • Goodbye ups
  • Goodbye downs
  • Goodbye MJ
  • Goodbye Chloe

Goodbye Asia.



About twobroadsabroad

Two New York students traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cam and Get it.
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One Response to Phnom Penh Intended. Southeast Asia Accomplished.

  1. Lau says:

    Goodbye Lau’s summer cyber-entertainment

    This is like the ending to a movie… have you, by anyy chance, taken a screen writing class?
    Ending music is much needed… one of those apocalyptic/accomplishment tunes. No clue what Im saying.. but the type of music one would hear at the end of a marathon… or in ones head when you survive: a. two-day techno fest in Belgium (on orange juice) or b. Globalization class on Thursdays.
    I cant wait to hear all of these stories again face-to-face. Congrats to you ladies for such an amazing trip and an incredible blog! (now i sound like an old aunt)
    Theres a couple of weeks left in the summer… keen on visiting me in CT? Perhaps Bogota? Perhaps just wait for 15C /the Hallway….
    See you in NYfukinC.

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