We’ve had two full weeks in Phnom Penh, and we’ve deemed it appropriate to lay it all out on a bullet-point list, for your easy viewing and quick gratification. If you’ve any questions or wish for elaboration, feel free to comment. Really, comment. Go ahead. Comment.

Let’s talk logistics.
•    Number of weeks we’ve been here: 2
•    Number of weeks it feels we’ve been gone: 18
•    Number of weeks we’re extending our trip: 3
•    Number of countries we plan on seeing: 3
•    Number of countries we’ll end up seeing: 1

Let’s talk work.
•    Number of pages of proposal Chloe has to write: 24
•    Number of pages of Chloe’s proposal so far: 2
•    Number of days till Chloe has to turn in proposal: 4
•    Number of children MJ can legally take back home: 0
•    Number of children MJ will take back home: 3

Let’s talk adaptation.
•    Number of punches we’ve witnessed to our tuk-tuk driver: 2
•    Number of Chloe’s hearbeats per second when witnessing punch: 1
•    Number of MJ’s heart beats per second when witnessing punch: 3,423
•    Number degrees in our room: 146 (Celsius)
•    Number of fans in our room: 2
•    Number of working fans in our room: 1
•    Number of hot showers we’ve had: 1 (see Kep post)
•    Number of garments MJ wears to bed: 4
•    Number of garments Chloe wears to bed: 1, on cooler nights.

Let’s talk entertainment.
•    Number of times we’ve watched TV: 1
•    Number of weeks it took us to realize we had TV: 2
•    Number of books we’ve read: 1 each (almost).
•    Number of True Blood download attempts: 4
•    Number of True Blood download successes: 0
•    Number of Parent Trap download attempts: 1
•    Number of Parent Trap download successes 1
•    Number of times MJ contemplated admitting to having downloaded the Parent Trap: plenty.

Let’s talk Family.
•    Number of parents who’ve talked about joining us: 2
•    Number of parents we’ve talked out of joining us: 1 (sorry, Pepin)
•    Number of new family members in our lives: 3, Tat Guesthouse employees, namely Mama Tat and Yee, (MJ’s little brother and Chloe’s nightly visitor)
•    Number of sisters we miss: 2 each (3 on MJ’s part, but we don’t talk about Sonia, Poli’s dirty secret).

Let’s talk love:
•    Gary and Larry 4ever

Just something to tie you over. On a heavier note, heading out to see the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields from the Khmer Rouge time. More, later?


About twobroadsabroad

Two New York students traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cam and Get it.
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2 Responses to Statistics

  1. ana says:

    Number of portrays taken for poor cousin who has not much of a life but is my biggest fan, keeps all the art i’ve produced and even frames some of it? (2) increase that number please!

  2. Lau says:

    Number of Shpiler replacements? Never.

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