Tomb Raider

Whoah. What a day. I feel truly knackered, as my new friends the hot guys that stayed at the guesthouse but went back to England before I could establish any sort of bond say. Woke up at the crack of DAWN, known to me as 8 am, and got ready in a matter of seconds, as per usual. Chloe takes slightly longer (read: a lot longer), so I use up the time before she’s ready to take advantage of the included breakfast buffet.

As an interested and fascinated pair, Chlo and I organized a tour around Kep, making sure to stop at the Caves of Kompong Trach, and Rabbit Island–two must-sees, according to our travel guide.

I thought Chloe was on board in that we were seeing the caves to say we saw them, not because we were genuinely interested. I mean. They’re caves. Which is why, when we arrived, and the tour guide asked if we had brought our own torch, I spat a (sardonic) “Yeah, riiiight here,” and simultaneously mimed whipping a torch out from my bag and nudging Chloe with my elbow.

"Hmmm, Mr. Bening, I gather it IS a turtle-shaped rock!"

But to my utter shock, I watched Chloe quickly unzip her backpack and pull out a flashlight. “Let’s do it!”she yelped. Before I knew it, I was following Chloe and Bening into a batcave. So we had Chloe–Tomb Raider, Bening–her trusty guide, and MJ–clad in a white moo-moo and a Pamela hat, I was simply inappropriately-dressed and in a bad mood, channeling Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of New York City.

Finally, the tour was over. I ran and jumped onto the tuk-tuk, yelling at Pancho to step on it. Meanwhile, Chloe was still finishing up her chat with Bening and sweeping away dirt from the cave walls with her archeological brush. What a loser.

Posteriorly, our travel guide, whose name I cannot currently place so we’ll call him Pancho, drove us to the pier, where we hopped on a motor-canoe that dropped us off at the island.

The ride lasted 30 minutes, but only spanned a 50 meter distance. (Result of a small motor-canoe, lack of gas, tiny engine, and captain on his cell phone).

After docking, Pancho immediately motored away, leaving Chloe and me on the isolated shore of Rabbit Island, with small pebbly sands and dark brown waters lying underneath a vast mountain jungle skyline.

What a description!

Alone on this island, we spotted a trail leading to the jungle. Assuming that was the way to the beach and humanity, we started on the trail, and wound up on a beach with little huts, people, and a restauraunt.

I made a bee-line toward the restaurant. And ordered the following–feast your eyes on this:

I began to eat it as it stared at me with its mouth open, baring its teeth. I thought that would be the worst of it. But then along came two flea-ridden beach dogs with furless patches of skin and ribs protruding.

They were hungry. And they settled right at my feet, nuzzling their mouths near my plate of fish.

It was a lot of fun.


old people!

that's me and pam.

those are huts.

Alright, better post later. This was just a little update, you know? We’re heading back to Phnom Penh in a few hours. Talk to you then! BYE!


About twobroadsabroad

Two New York students traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cam and Get it.
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  1. ana says:

    y portraits are your thing!!! quiero imprimirlos en high def y enmarcarlos plis cuando regreses mándame un cd!!

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