So we decided to check if there were any larger, or at least more spacious, rooms available in either our Super Smart Guesthouse, or its sister guesthouse just down the road. First we stopped at the Sister Guesthouse, where we were told plenty of rooms were available, and we could be accommodated immediately. The rooms were more spacious than ours, with two queen beds (as opposed to one queen bed and one lumpy twin bed in our current room), a larger bathroom, and more space for our baggage. The Sister Guesthouse, however, did not include the quaint open-air restaurant and lounge (read: run-down couch and bookshelf) that the Super Smart did.


We went back to the Super Smart and asked the owner, a lovely Cambodian woman with very broken English, if she had any other rooms available.

Owner: Oh no, all full now.

Chloe: Oh, really? It’s all booked? No more rooms?

Owner: Oh no, no room now. No here, no in other guesthouse down street. No room. Why? What problem?

MJ: Oh no, no problem…we were just curious if there was a bigger room.

Chloe: Or with two beds of the same size.

Owner: Oh, dat problem? I can fix. I can take out big bed. And put in small bed.

The thought of having this over middle-aged woman lugging a queen-size bed out of a teeny, cramped bedroom in this heat and humidity, only to meet our petty needs by replacing it with a smaller bed…was actually kind of appealing. Nah, joking. I wouldn’t have it.

MJ: Oh no, it’s okay.

Chloe: Yeah, our room is perfect, it’s perfect.

Side note: Chloe, you blatantly just lied to her face, by the way. First you tell her you want to mve, and then cite a problem, and now you go as far as saying that the room is perfect. Not fine, not okay, not “we’ll manage as is;” no—the room, all of a sudden. Is perfection.

Now the owner proceeds to do a little small talk.

Owner: Where you ladies from?

Chloe: I’m from Canada.

The woman does not so much as blink. We have yet to discover why, but nobody seems even the slightest bit enthused by the idea of Canada.

MJ: I’m from Mexico.

She stares, wide-eyed.

Owner: MEXICO? I just see now, on da C-Ayn-Ayn, the president of Mexico, he die!


Has being on the other side of the world for a mere day really taken such a toll on our news-reaching ability? The president of Mexico is dead?!

Owner: Yeah. Just now, today. I see on C-Ayn-Ayn. On TV. Check now.

We immediately whip out our blackberries (used only for emergencies, as roaming fees could actually pay for our entire stay in Smarthouse), turning them on to check this trusty C-Ayn-Ayn. We instantly discover that while a tragedy did occur in Mexico, the president. is very much alive.

Technology has done this to us, ladies and gents. We were told of a major catastrophe across the globe and verified it in just seconds. Not sure if anybody has used this line before, so I think I’m gonna go ahead and coin it: the world is flat.

(But my bed, rather, is lumpy. And looks like it will remain this way for the next four weeks).


About twobroadsabroad

Two New York students traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Cam and Get it.
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